1. Increases brand awareness

One of the most powerful aspects of social media is their ability to reach a lot of people which enables you to get your products or services known in a much more scalable and efficient way than before. Companies can create content and use it create awareness of certain aspects of the business that they want the consumer to see, strengthening the image of the company.


2. Creates a community

One of the best things about social media is that they enable your target audience to communicate and create a supportive community.

We have seen groups created by people who share an interest, for example soccer fans, car enthusiast and many more. By creating a place for a group that shares these interests or ideals is incredibly valuable. You can take part in the conversation and be a part of the solution to their problem.


3. Increases loyalty

Before the internet and social media the merchant on the corner had loyal customers that he know by name, greeted them and made small talk with a big smile every time they came in. These customers often were customers their entire life. Today this kind of loyalty is much harder because of increased brand awareness, pricing awareness and competition. The good thing today is that social media have created the possibility to connect with a lot more people than the merchant was able to. The scalability today is incredible and creating a presence online is one of the main things that makes that possible.


4. Humanizes the brand

The person at the service desk, the sales people and other staff are the ones that have direct contact with the customer and they are the ones that humanize the company. Social media have created a window into the company that has a personal feeling to it. Social media can be the place where the company shows the lively side, the struggle, the fun side or the hard times of the business, That is the side of the business that creates trust between the business and the customer, that’s the part the customer can connect with on a deeper level.


5. Improved service

When there is a social media presence you’re available where the client spends their time, in other words, you’re available where your client is. Today people are spending around 2 hours every day on social media.