Instagram is among the social media giants, that is one of the main reasons Facebook bought instagram fyrir 1.milljarð dollara.

Today about  71% businesses in the USA use Instagram. Around 80% users follow a business on Instagram. From 2017, advertisers on Instagram have increased from 1 million advertisers per month to 2 million advertisers per month in 2019.

What companies should use Instagram?

Arguably all companies should use Instagram but the way you may want to project the image you want. Instagram is a visual platform and is better suited to companies with a visual aspect to the business, f.x. travel, clothing stores and toy stores.
Although the company may not have a strong visual aspect to the business there are still strong reasons to use Instagram. Social media platforms are used to connect to the customer and Instagram is a fantastic platform to humanize and personalize the brand as well as increase the market reach.


Starbucks is one of the companies that are doing excellent on Instagram. On the surface this is a coffee shop (although it’s a huge brand) their main product is coffee but they have made their brand a lifestyle.

The tech company Intel has also created an interesting way to approach this visual medium. They photograph behind the scenes, operations, design and include the staff when appropriate.


What hashtags should you use?

The Instagram “search engine” relies on hashtags and it’s important to use them correctly to improve your brand reach. This means creating a list of hashtags that fit your account.
To start building the list of Instagram hashtags are suited for your account here are a few places you can start to investigate:


  • Your competitors
  • Your or your competitors target audience
  • Related hashtags to your products/service


Find out what are popular hashtags used in your industry and add them to your standard hashtag strategy.

When you’ve found your standard/most common hashtags, find out what hashtags are less popular that identify your brand.

  • What does your brand stand for?
  • What is the name of your brand, product, services?


With each post we recommend using descriptive hashtags that relate specifically to that post. Those hashtags can be a mixture of popular and less popular hashtags.

But why use less popular hashtags? Hashtags are basically search terms and there is less competition for some search terms than others. This means that you can find a less popular hashtag when a user searches that hashtag you have a much higher likelihood to be found there.


What content should you post?

To humanize your brand and make it relatable it can be very good to post pictures of the employees or behind the scenes photos. This gives your followers a chance to get to know the brand in a new way or a way they might not usually see.


Here are some ideas for posts you may want to use:

  • Contests
  • Funny content
  • Quotes related to your brand
  • Interesting/amusing statistics
  • Drawing/art related to your brand
  • Pictures of staff and the inside workings of your brand


Instagram is a very dynamic platform and most companies can find a way to use it to get improved results in ways that benefit the business.