What is brand awareness?

How many and how well consumers are aware of your company, product or services.

Brand awareness matters a lot because if you don’t know of a company you don’t do business with it. The better you know a company, the more likely you are to do business with it there lies the importance of brand awareness.

But is the objective that everyone knows about the company? Yes and no, even though everyone knows about the company, everyone won’t do business with it. Advertising to everyone you can (including those outside your consumers) is uneconomical. To use the advertising budget most effectively you should target those who are ready to buy, then those who are likely etc.
In uneconomical advertising we go over why this is the case – if you’d like, you can skip that part and read about how you can improve brand awareness.

How can you increase brand awareness?

Information is the key!
What are the most common questions your customers are asking? What are the problems they face?

By being a source of information and solutions you show your customers your expertise on that field which increases brand awareness, word of mouth and brand recognition.

Every time your customer asks a question is an opportunity to inform and it is very likely that more people in your target audience that are also thinking about these same questions. Use the opportunity to inform your audience on all relevant media platforms.

Attention today is valuable and people want to be entertained to capture and keep their attention. We all know of at least one advertisement that has made us laugh or was entertaining in some way or another. Sometimes we didn’t even realize this was an ad or what they were advertising until the ad was finished. Whether it’s video, banner, paper ads or something else, entertaining ads are a powerful way to drive brand awareness.

Customer service
In the information age we live in there is plenty of advice out there about what the customer wants in customer service. To maximize the customer service of your company specifically you need to have an open stream for criticism, that is to have feedback to continually improve your customer service. Open up for Facebook reviews, create a list of all criticism received through email and elsewhere and inform your team what needs improvement. We also recommend to go to your competitors page, there you can see what criticism they have received and you can use that to improve your customer service and be one step ahead.

A great way to increase brand awareness is to collaborate with other companies/influencers that advertise for you in some way or another and you do the same for them.
Let’s take an example where I run a gym. My target market is very conscious of being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. I could collaborate with a restaurant that shares those values.

What company/influencer can you collaborate with to increase each others brand awareness?

Behind the scenes
One of the most entertaining things about social media is their ability to show the company in a new light that the customer doesn’t usually see. Many companies have built their entire social media presence around their operations behind the scenes. These brands humanize the company and that strengthens brand awareness immensely.

Brand awareness is extremely important and has an impact on a huge amount of variables, both directly and indirectly. The sales process starts with the customer being aware of your brand so do whatever you can to increase this awareness!