Privacy policy

Last updated 13.february, 2020


Skrefið is obligated to protect the privacy of the guest on our website, you have a right to view our website without giving us personally identifiable information about you. We do grant us the right to limit the browsing options where we consider appropriate.


Skrefið is obligated to protect the privacy of the subscribers of our newsletter and those who give us information that enable us to have direct contact with them.


This privacy policy dictates how we collect data, handle and use your personal information. By using our website you agree to the use of the data we collect and you provide in accordance with this privacy policy. If you do not agree to this privacy policy stop all use of this website, products and/or service.


We update this privacy policy regularly so we recommend you visit this page and review our privacy policy on a regular basis and be aware of any changes. If you’re subscribed to our email list in any way you will receive an announcement regarding any significant change to this privacy policy.


Important information


1.1. How you contact us


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, handling or personal information or personally identifiable information or you want to request that any information we have gathered about you be deleted, please send us an email at


1.2. Does Skrefið share your information?


Skrefið does not rent or sell your personally identifiable information to a third party. We only collect, store and share information in special legal purposes and for operational/management purposes described below.


1.3. Changes to this privacy policy


All changes to our privacy policy will be published on this page, we encourage everyone to review this policy and changes regularly. If significant changes are made in our policy we will send updates to all subscribers on our mailing list. This will help you be more conscious about any changes regarding what data we collect, how we use them, where we collect them and under what circumstances. Continued use of our website, subscriptions and services will follow our updated policy changes.


  1. Information we gather


The data we collect may be browsing batters, browser type, location, interests, age and gender. The information that appears in your browser contains IP-address, date and time visit, HTTP status, operating system, UI, language and version of the browser. Legal reason for gathering such data is our legal right to operate and run our website, provide you access to our website, understanding the interest of our guests, current and potential customers and provide suitable content and information on our business, products and services.


  1. Cookies for retargeting


Skrefið uses retargeting, to do that we use cookies from our service providers such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to send special offers and marketing material regarding our products or services to you through the internet such as the Google Ad-web and social media. You may see our advertisements, products or services as a consequence of visiting our website. Skrefið also uses custom audiences based on email addresses of our subscribers and clients which enable us to send marketing content, offers, products and services to you through our chosen mediums.


If you do not want to receive advertisements from us you can change your settings in the following mediums:


LinkedIn:Disable your LinkedIn retargeting settings here.

Facebook og Instagram:Disable your Facebook retargeting settings here.

Google Analytics:Disable your Google analytics retargeting settings here.

Twitter:Disable your Twitter retargeting settings here.

Pinterest:Disable your Pinterest retargeting settings here.

Google:Disable your Google retargeting settings here.

We use browser information to manage and improve our website, products and services. We may use browser data individually or aggregated with other personal data to provide you customized information or marketing content.

Skrefið and its affiliates use cookies and other similar technology to analyze, manage our website, track users and activity, browsing patterns on our website and collect demographic data.

Examples of uses of data:

Providing your customized content through our website (f.x. based on age and gender of guest)

Get insight into behavioral patterns or inclinations (f.x. based on visits from our other platforms)

Provide customized marketing messages (f.x. by analysis based on clicks on our website)

To collect general data through browsing on our websites.

More information about what cookies we gather: List of cookies we gather


  1. Junk mail policy

Skrefið will only send emails to individuals that have clearly requested emails from Skrefið. Skrefið is strongly against junk mail, we will only send content to your email that we think you will have an interest in. For example:

  • By registering to our mailing list.
  • Guests that have filled out contact information forms.
  • Skrefið uses a third party to store and distribute our emails.


  1. Website links

This website among our other websites contains weblinks. Skrefið is not liable for any damage or breach of privacy that may happen on websites that we do not have authority in policy making and/or data gathering. We encourage users to read privacy policies of every website you use that may gather personal information. Skrefið is not liable for data gathered on other websites or platforms.


  1. Enforced publishing

Skrefið reserves the right to hand our personally identifiable information if law requires or in good faith we believe it necessary. Skrefið reserves the right to provide information if we in good faith believe it a necessity to protect our right, safety of you or others.